About Us

JRB Kickboxing

JRB kickboxing is a martial arts club based in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.
The Club was formed in 2008 by Ray Burnell.

We are fully registered with Wako GB and run classes for beginner to advanced levels.Classes include body conditioning/cardio workouts, techniques, flexibility, and we have a grading progression from white belt - 4th Dan black belt.

JRB Kickboxing teaches Freestyle Kickboxing, combining techniques from Traditional kickboxing , muay thai , panantukan , Jujitsu , grappling and self defense forms. 

We are a friendly team with a strong sense of comraderie, looking to help each other improve and learn.

The club is open to all levels from beginners to advanced, looking to learn or increase striking and defending skills, conditioning and improve all over fitness .

Ray Burnell - 4th Dan instructor

Ray has trained for over 20 years in freestyle kickboxing.
Other styles practiced karate, escrima, jujitsu, grappling, and self defence forms Ray is a fully registered instructor with Wako gb.

JRB Kickboxing and its instructors are fully registered with WAKO GB. To find out more about WAKO GB please vist their site.