Testimonials from some of our members.

Just started JRB and soon as i walked in i knew i found the perfect place to learn . Everybody there were very helpful and seem great people to train with and i am looking forward to going back.

Rob K

Having only started training at JRB with no prior martial arts training I have to concur with other testimonials that I was welcomed as if I had trained there for years! The atmosphere allows the mind to focus completely on what is being taught as everyone is so welcoming and friendly and willing to help/give pointers! Fantastic environment, fantastic people!


After training in a previous kickboxing club with Ray, I was thrilled to see he had his own club and jumped at the chance to train with him once again. Not being a particularly confident person I have had an excellent experience with JRB and Ray. All club students are very welcoming and I now class them as good friends. Being a big person I found training difficult but the training and advice I have received has helped me so much. I would urge anyone to come along give it a try.

David Howe

I started at JRB Kickboxing Club in December 2013. I had no previous martial arts experience, but attended the gym regularly. This is by far and away the best workout I have ever done and even though I started from scratch, the high level teaching has brought me to an intermediate level already. Great club, great people and if you train to your maximum you reap the rewards.

Tim Howard - Purple belt

When I first joined 3 and a half years ago I was welcomed like I'd trained there for years and since then I've never looked back. Excellent and diverse teaching along with a fanatic team makes this club worth joining and would highly recommend this to anyone who just wants to try something new to intense training to give it a go.

Andy Travers - Red Belt

 I started training at JRB just over 4 years ago and had no previous martial arts experience. Due to the excellent teaching and support from Ray and the rest of the team, I have seen increases in my confidence, fitness and skill. The sessions are a highlight of my week and I would highly recommend JRB to anyone, regardless of their age or experience.

Suzanne Dobson - Purple Stripe Belt

Wow. My 15 year old son and I attended J.R.B. Kickboxing on Tuesday and were greeted by Ray and his fab students with open arms and a big smile. We were treat with respect and as our first (free) lesson started we already felt like a part of the extended family that makes up the club. During the lesson that was varied, fast paced and well structured we were given excellent instruction and not expected to keep up with the veterans but just asked to do what we could. It was hard graft but very rewarding. On the journey home Ben and I were buzzing and so pleased we got in touch with Ray. Today I had my second lesson and couldn't believe that it was even better than the first. If you want to learn something new, extend your current martial arts knowledge, get fitter, be more flexible, lose weight, make new friends and be part of a real martial arts club then this is the place to be. Get on it guys.


***** five stars from the Rooneys. Mick / Ben Rooney.

I attended my first class at JRB last night and it was probably one of the best decisions I've made in ages. No previous experience and not a high level of fitness, but Ray kept things very interesting and I felt engaged the entire time. It was a great workout with a good split between fitness and technique for beginners. Everyone at the gym was really welcoming, patient, and gave me great feedback. I'd highly recommend taking the plunge and giving it a go, even if your confidence is low or nerves are high, you won't regret it

Jonny H

Just had my first session. Having had no previous experience I entered feeling like I would hold back the group but that was not the case. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Immediately we felt included. To anyone thinking about joining I would advise just giving it a go. If you arrive willing to give 100% you will enjoy yourself. We will definitely be returning

Jonny S

I trained with Ray a long time ago and its great to see what a fantastic club he has built over the years; having personally returned to kickboxing after a long break. The team (of all ages and abilities) are a really friendly and supportive bunch who make sure no-one feels left out or overwhelmed. Brilliant class for both technique/technical and general conditioning and fitness. Id thoroughly recommend coming along and giving it a go!

Andy P

I cannot recommend JRB highly enough, I came to the club having no kickboxing experience and was overwhelmed by how friendly and supportive Ray and the students have been. I have seen my fitness, flexibility and confidence increase massively in a short space of time and I look forward to progressing further. If you are interested in learning a martial art with a welcoming group of people JRB Kickboxing is a great club for all abilities.

Luke A

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